The HKSAR Government announced on 23 February 2022 that an additional sum of HK$1.5 billion is to be made available to extend the EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme for four years to financial year 2027-28. We await details from relevant official sources. Please stay tuned for details.
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EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme

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What is the EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme (EHSS)?
The HKSAR Government rolled out a HK$2 billion EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme ("EHSS") to subsidise installation of EV charging-enabling infrastructure (“EVCEI”) in car parks serving existing eligible private residential buildings. The move was designed to help EV owners install EV chargers in car parks serving their residences, according to their own needs. Applications have been invited and are made on a first-come-first-served basis.

Amount of funding

Amount of funding

per eligible parking space, or
HK$15 million in total for an entire development,
whichever is lower

Type of applicant

Owners' corporation

The Deed of Mutual Covenant ("DMC") manager

All owners of the building(s)


  • Not a car park serving a house or village house
  • No re-development/demolition plan
  • Building plans firstly submitted to the Buildings Department for approval before April 1, 2011
  • Not a temporary car park, or on a site granted by, or leased from, the government on the basis of short-term tenancy
  • Contain 10 or more eligible parking spaces
  • Less than 60% of the total number of eligible parking spaces in an open area
  • Car park is under multiple ownership
  • With single-phase 32A power supply for 50% of all eligible parking spaces; or the power company can upgrade the power supply within three years from the date of application

[Not eligible for application? Smart Charge can provide alternative EV-charging solutions! ]

Coverage of subsidy

Cost of employing a consultant and contractor
Cost of installation works relating to EVCEI
Cost of modification of existing charging facilities and EVCEI, with approval from the Environmental Protection Department ("EPD")
Does not include
EV chargers/EV supply equipment
Load management system
Any operating, maintenance and insurance costs relating to installed EVCEI and fire detection system
Any EVCEI or charging facilities installed before submission of the application

Key application steps








Apply for release of

  • Check eligibility of car park and applicant
  • Pass owners' corporation/all owners' resolution to apply for the EHSS
  • Seek power company's preliminary power supply assessment
  • Submit completed application form and required documents
  • Submit tender and procure the services of a consultant on Open E-tendering Platform
  • Prepare works specifications
  • Sign an initial subsidy agreement with the HKSAR Government
  • Procure the services of a contractor to carry out installation works
  • Sign a further subsidy agreement with the HKSAR Government
  • Monitor installation works and submit progress reports to EPD every two months
  • Work completed
  • Open/set up a dedicated bank account for the EHSS
  • Submit claim form with supporting documents for release of subsidy

Important notice


  • Applicants are responsible for arranging human resources to handle associated admin and clerical work.
  • Estates must upgrade switchboard, if car park’s power supply is insufficient.
  • Applicants must submit a tender and nominate an experienced consultant.

Amount of subsidy

  • The applicant shall make up the difference in cost if the subsidy is insufficient to cover the contract sum for installation works, or if the final cost of installation works by the contractor concerned is higher than the estimated market price provided by the EPD’s advisor.
  • The applicant shall bear all EVCEI operating, maintenance and insurance costs.


  • The subsidy covers installation of EVCEI only. Installation of EV chargers is the responsibility of applicants. Applicants must consider whether to install a specified charger model, in terms of safety and stability of power supply and feasibility of repairing and upgrading charging facilities.
  • Installation of EVCEI is a major construction project requiring service only from suitably reliable engineering consultants and contractors holding sufficient specialist experience.

There are 6 questions you may face when applying EHSS!


How to select a consultant and contractor?

Installing EVCEI is vastly different from installing an EV-charger in a parking lot. The former is a complex project involving in-depth evaluation, circuitry, system design and complicated construction. Such a project demands an extremely high standard of technical competency, as well as in-depth knowledge, from the consultant and contractor concerned. A suitably-qualified consultant and contractor should have the following abilities:

Provide feasible suggestions and proposals, based on previous projects, to enable applicants to better understand project details and have ready access to assistance when applying for the EHSS.

Enable applicants to better understand feasibility and scope of a project, as well as building a budget plan.

Design a circuit protection plan to safeguard the power supply network and ensure the car park remains safe for all users.

A seasoned engineering team will assist in the design of routing and locating equipment, as well as ensuring efficiency and coverage of power supply, in order to avoid overloading and power outage.

The EHSS does not cover EVCEI maintenance and installation of chargers. Applicants should therefore consider engaging a company to provide a one-stop service in terms of EV-charger installation, technical support and system repairs over the long term.

The application and tendering processes demand exhaustive preliminary works and evaluation. Our professional team can help you handle all such requirements.

Free onsite inspection and evaluation
Presentation of project details to owners
Preliminary assessment, important
notices and case studies
Preliminary cost estimation and
proposal for reference
Advice on designing a tender and
choosing a consultant and contractor
Installation of charger and load management
systems, as well as maintenance and other
aspects of after-sales service
Free onsite inspection and evaluation
Presentation of project details to owners
Preliminary assessment, important
notices and case studies
Preliminary cost estimation and
proposal for reference
Advice on designing a tender and
choosing a consultant and contractor
Installation of charger and load management
systems, as well as maintenance and other
aspects of after-sales service

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Source: Environmental Protection Department, EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme

The details and scope of the scheme may be subject to change, to be announced by the HKSAR Government. Contents of the scheme, as set out above, have been prepared based on what has been announced so far, and are for reference only. For details, please refer to the official EHSS website at